Lightning Kings INPUT LIST 1) Kick 2) Snare 3) Rack 1 4) Rack 2 5) Floor 6) OH 1 (L) 7) OH 2 (R) 8) Guitar cab (A) 9) Bass DI 10) Piano / Keys DI (1) 11) Trombone (mic) 12) Trumpet (mic) 13) Sax 1 (mic) 14) Sax 2 DI 15) Tom Vox 16) Jenn Vox 17) Whitney Vox Notes: Vocals: (a) We have 5 vocalists, Lead singer guitarist, 3 backup singers and our piano / keyboard player. All vocalists require a microphone of the highest possible quality standard no less than a Shure sm 58. PLEASE - No Berringer, no Nady etc…. (b) Lead vocal (Thomas) and piano player requires a heavy Base boom stand all others require straight stands. (c) All vocal mixes are at EQUAL VOLUME except for Thomas should be a few db louder in his wedge. (d) We enjoy and appreciate a bit of delay and large room reverb, especially on Thomas’s voice (not too much) in both our onstage vocal mix as well as the front end. Thank you in advance for this. Guitar: We travel with our own guitar cab microphones and clamps. We will just need 2 xlr’s to connect to designated inputs. Some front of house and monitor equalization adjustments will be necessary. Mixes: 1) Drum Wedge In this order - Kick – Snare – equal amounts of Lead vocals and guitar – bass - backing vocals (just a smidge) 2) Thomas’s Wedges All backup singers (2 wedges) at an equal level and Thomas’s out front of that – Thomas’s guitar – bass – kick –snare 3) Piano wedge – Piano – all vocals but his a few db higher– kick – snare – bass 4) Horns wedges At least 2 please– all of them equally - kick – snare – guitar lead vocals –bass….THANK YOU!!!!!!!
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